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Sewerage diagram

Discussion in 'Real Estate' started by propertynoob, 18th Sep, 2011.

  1. propertynoob

    propertynoob New Member

    27th Aug, 2011
    Sydney, NSW

    In the process of looking for first home/IP. I have found a property I like - it's a corner block but on the low side of the street.

    I'm not very good at reviewing sewerage diagrams - in this property there is a 'shaded' triangle in the upper right corner, I asked the real estate agent what that meant and he said - ' interceptor drainage system. It is used to collect groundwater to prevent accumulation of water. It is outside the fencing of the property, adjacent to the driveway.'

    What do you guys think? Would this stop anyone from buying? Would it inhibit future development such as granny flat, dual occupancy etc?


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  2. vanessa

    vanessa V J Tait & Associates

    15th Jun, 2011
    West Pennant Hills, Sydney, NSW
    Hi propertynoob,

    That hatching area is for Sydney Water reference it shows them how the land falls so they can be aware of where the pipes can go and can't go.

    Basically if you checked the property that hatching area would probably fall away from the land. The rest of the land falls towards the corner that the sewer line is already located.

    It is not something that should stop you from purchasing the property.

    You should however have your conveyancer look at the whole of the contract for you and the whole contract and information about the land can be explained to you.

    Good luck with your purchase.