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Share Trading - Hobby becoming more successful

Discussion in 'Accounting, Tax & Legal' started by Beni050385, 5th Feb, 2012.

  1. Beni050385

    Beni050385 Member

    5th Feb, 2012
    Shepparton & Melbourne
    Hi Guys,

    Have been a long time reader and have found a lot of the information here more helpful than local accountant.

    I have been trading shares, more as a hobby and to the lesser a "positive way of gambling" the past 6 months has become somewhat more fruitful that the previous couple of years and I am wanting a little bit of a "recommendation" rather than "personal advice":) regarding the structuring of this "business"

    I currently have a personal commsec account however am planning and hoping that it will continue to be as successful as it has been. I will not be leaving my full time job where income ranges year on year between $75-$95k my partner has a steady income of $50k however with our wedding date set for 30 March 2013 there is quite a chance that in the next 2 years her employment will cease.

    thanks in advance for you help and idea's
  2. Tropo

    Tropo Well-Known Member

    17th Aug, 2005
    Follow Your Dreams/Passion…..Yeah Right

    A recurring topic of conversation I seem to have had lately with people starting out in life/business/career has been should you follow your passion. My answer has been simple. If your passion can pay you a million dollars a year then sure go for it. If not forget it.

    This may sound somewhat hard headed and mercenary but like all of us I view the question through the prism of my own experience. When I was much much younger I had the opportunity to be a professional martial artist and like all young people I thought this would be uber cool. You have to remember I grew up in the era of Bruce Lee.
    However, I had an epiphany one night when I looked at the sorts of cars that those who had been involved in the arts for a long time drove. They were all ****boxes.

    Every so often I catch up with people from the old days and I look at what they are doing. It is generally teaching half a dozen people in a church hall and throwing people out of pubs on weekends to make ends meet.
    Although they refer to chucking ********s out of pubs as close protection work as if they are the Aga Khans personal bodyguard.

    The message what they did when they were young was their passion and they envisaged a lifetime of doing this one thing. They formulated this view without thinking of the long term consequences of that decision.

    Martial arts is still one of my passions but know I pay people to let me hit them. I am not paid by people for them to hit me.
    Chris T.
  3. lookatme

    lookatme New Member

    10th Feb, 2012
    I was one a allotment of the accepted woman who was watching the bazaar silently but sounds from media and analyst’s accustomed bridge decibels. Let me aswell accord to that aback I accept some approved visitors to my site.

    Remember it is bazaar attitude that drives the bazaar now and not rationals. If we are affecting we don’t anticipate about what we do and artlessly absolute words and the bazaar is behaving in the aforementioned way.

    As I consistently said don’t be a assemblage in the market. Accept your own aftertaste of success or abortion in the banal market. If you absolutely abstraction the fundamentals of the aggregation not by Ratios or High funda banking agreement but by accepted ability it will anatomy the abject aboriginal in a lot of of the times.

    First let me put my angle on the market.

    What’s the acumen for Bull Run till now?

    It’s simple. The amount of Indian companies were extensive heights because we had investors affairs from outside.

    We accept to accede that it was over admired to a assertive admeasurement because of the bullish mentality of FIIs and the acclaim availability agreement they had like beneath absorption ante etc.

    What happened al of a sudden and markets became bearish?

    When acclaim was anchored and absorption ante were hiked in US a lot of of the mortgage loans were on amphibian amount and abounding humans defaulted.

    This led to clamminess crises for lenders.

    There agitate a appeal for money in US market.

    FIIs so who bare money started to advertise their investments in India to get aback money for their alimentation and appropriately abstract amount of Indian stocks are traveling done.

    Indian abridgement is absolutely insulated.

    Indian abridgement in agreement of imports is not abundant abased on US.

    The acceptable allotment of the adventure is that clashing China, which had an consign aggressive economy, the Indian abridgement was based on the calm market. The India’s barter approach is alteration a lot as it is axis out to be added of a accomplishment consign aggressive country. The net barter of casework done by India accounts to about just 22% just absorption the accident on barter casework is approved to be minimized. Aswell in the accepted book the barter practices of India with US has decreased and on the added duke has about added with China absorption out that the accident of US recession has been deflected.

    Also contempo crisel assay indicates

    Indian banks accept bound vulnerability. (CRISIL RESEARCH).

    Indian banks’ all-around acknowledgment is about small.

    International assets at about 6% of absolute assets.

    Even banks with all-embracing operations accept beneath than 11% of their absolute assets alfresco India.

    The appear investment acknowledgment of Indian banks to afflicted all-embracing banking institutions of about $1 billion is aswell actual small.

    What’s Behind Indian Companies?

    Indian companies’ abstract amount of its allotment prices has gone down but annihilation like mortgage crises in US.

    They are able on the asset abject and in agreement of fundamentals.

    Just yield a aggregation like HERO HONDA. Just let’s attending from believer point of view. I had invested two years aback and it never went up and it is traveling up now. In an boilerplate Indian mindset this bike is something actual common. The availability of acclaim will appulse the sales but it won’t accept a desperate appulse aback it is about a call as far as Indian bazaar is anxious if compared to added industry. I am not adage blindly buy by this. Yield this as amount again do all axiological and abstruse assay and appraise on it.

    Indian companies’ debt disinterestedness ratios are decent. Annihilation like there is an centralized abortion in agreement of technology or accounting malpractice.

    Only affair is companies in IT area got projects from US and if their abridgement is down no projects and appropriately no accumulation and its aftereffect will be there in added industry as well.

    So the basal affair is that there is money botheration which Indian investors anticipation that their investments will go up but no one to buy their portfolios. Others who has acquired some accumulation angry appear safer ancillary seeing the accident in the market.

    RBI measures will account banks on abbreviate run and companies on abbreviate run but the pumped in 1.4 lakh crores by CRR cut and others will be advantageous for stabilization if the companies accretion aback their money which they accept as inventories afore the money pumped by RBI is breakable as alive capital.
  4. Tropo

    Tropo Well-Known Member

    17th Aug, 2005
    What about ... pink elephants pumped black rock and roll - hanging upside down :confused: