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Small syndicates.

Discussion in 'Real Estate' started by Development_Manager, 15th Aug, 2012.

  1. Development_Manager

    Development_Manager New Member

    15th Aug, 2012
    Perth, W.A.
    Hi Everyone,

    I have recently joined the forum and wanted to ask you guys about small scale residential syndicates.

    I work as a professional development manager and undertake large scale/volume developments with all the trimmings, such as feasibility, market analysis, exit strategies, finance etc. etc.

    But want to begin some projects for myself, small scale. Such as 10 - 20 dwellings (residential mainly)

    With the big stuff you have huge budgets and an unending list of consultants, so I was wondering if anyone can provide some advice to attract capital at reduced volumes.

    In particular, legal frameworks and sources. My preference is to attract equity as opposed to debt.

    I am in Perth by the way, and am targeting project to investors, so Investor grade projects is what I am looking at doing.

    Thank you.