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SMSF and best use of funds if under 40yo

Discussion in 'Superannuation, SMSF & Personal Insurance' started by dom81d, 16th Jan, 2020.

  1. dom81d

    dom81d New Member

    16th Jan, 2020
    Novice here, so I'll do my best to articulate what info I'm after.
    I have a bank account in our SMSF name with surplus funds. We transferred our entire Hostplus super and created an SMSF to purchase a commercial property for our own business. We now have around 70k remaining in the account.
    Can we transfer that back to hostplus or is it better to buy some EFTs/shares from this bank account?
    Because we are under 65, can we access the dividends or do we have to wait till retirement?
    We are aiming to retire in 5 years so having the ability to access the passive income would be ideal but not essential.

    Hope that makes sense.

    Thanks for your time,
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  2. twisted strategies

    twisted strategies Well-Known Member

    3rd Nov, 2013
    welcome to InvestChat ,

    i am NOT any sort of financial professional

    but this is a concept you might like to consider

    Dividend Reinvestment Plan—DRIP Definition
    (we call it DRP in Australia )

    Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP)

    now some companies have extra options like 50% shares 50% cash it isn't always an 'all or nothing choice ( and each choice has flaws and benefits )

    i like ETFs but i don't LOVE ETFs , they may not be you best choice i like LICs a tiny bit better ( but hold both ) each has their strengths and flaws , but prefer holding direct shares over funds managed by others

    before sidelining your super fund entirely what extras are you paying for in your super fund ( do you say get real income protection insurance , etc. etc ) that might be worth the phone call . ( and might be worth keeping )

    now personally i had the opportunity to liquidate my super ( and took it ) and now do NOT have a formal super fund at all but an investment portfolio ( which i can micro-manage as much as i like )

    however a formal super fund might be better for you ( i just could see ever-changing rules on the horizon in 2010 , and thought stuff it i will fly by the seat of my pants )

    cheers !!