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SMSF: completing "choice of fund" form.

Discussion in 'Superannuation, SMSF & Personal Insurance' started by Evgeny, 23rd Jun, 2010.

  1. Evgeny

    Evgeny New Member

    12th May, 2009
    I'm in the process of establishing the SMSF at the moment and would like to ask for some advice from those who've done this already.

    When I am ready to let my employer know that he will now make my payments into my SMSF, I need to complete the "Standard choice form".

    Section 4 includes some "appropriate documentation", such as:
    - written evidence from the fund stating that they will accept contributions from my employer
    - details about how my employer can make contributions to this fund.

    As for 'details', would that be just the SMSF bank account details?
    As for 'written evidence', what would suffice here?

    Thank you.
  2. Billv

    Billv Getting there

    15th Jul, 2007
    Sydney, NSW
    You can ask your employer what they'll accept.

    I had to write a letter on my SMSF's letterhead and say that the fund is ATO regulated and will accept contributions from company A on behalf of member X deposited into bank account 1234........