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"Snake oils" make me so angry

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by SubUmbra19, 1st Jan, 2020.

  1. SubUmbra19

    SubUmbra19 New Member

    9th May, 2019
    Have you visited a pharmacy lately? Always at the front of the store, are hundreds of products, that are basically nothing more than "snake oil". Herbal remedies, weight loss powders, sleeping aids, vitamins, protein enriched shampoo. The manufacturers get around the law by saying that their product "may" help. Yes, and Barry Humphries "may" turn out to be an alien imposter, but it's unlikely. The real medicine is at the back, guarded by the pharmacist.

    Shampoos and skin creams are loaded with so many organic compounds, I wouldn't be surprised if one day abiogenesis occurs on some woman's hair.

    Why are such products so popular when they are ineffectual? Consumer ignorance and apathy, consumers think taking "something/anything" is better than nothing. Plus these products are so profitable, business can't help themselves. Easy money.

    Sad but the way of the world.

    There are "snake oil" financial products too - payment protection insurance, extended product warranties, payday loans.

    How are such terrible products permitted to be sold? Again, lack of consumer knowledge/education, profitability, and sometimes sharp practice to stay within the law. Plus the government likes the GST.

    So much waste.

    People hold the dogged belief that there is a quick fix in a cheap package for their problems, and don't take too kindly to evidence. So the madness goes on.

    And at the end of the day, no-one wants to be seen to be dictating what people buy.
    Maybe if people don't want to be educated, then the only way is, "don't beat them join them".

    So if anyone is feeling despondent at the sheer apathy out there, I do have some crystals for sale that "may" cleanse your aura...mined from a tailings dam in Madagascar by child labour at 0.05 a kilo, yours for only $39.99 plus shipping!
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  2. twisted strategies

    twisted strategies Well-Known Member

    3rd Nov, 2013
    to SOME extent i disagree ( but not completely )

    however the consumer MUST educate themselves ( in ' medicines ' AND 'financial products ' )

    P.S. i have my own crystals , i unearthed them myself in Australia , i don't know about the aura thing but they look interesting .( and i was a teenager at the time )

    the uneducated consumer s quickly taken advantage of ( by professionals and fakes )

    cheers !