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something like unisuper?

Discussion in 'Managed Funds & Index Funds' started by patins, 31st Dec, 2018.

  1. patins

    patins New Member

    31st Dec, 2018
    Hi, a few weeks ago, i changed at unisuper how my superannuation is invested, and turned it from "balanced" to "cash". "balanced" is a combination of cash&stocks&properties and "cash" is just you get small interest for your super, similar to a "savings account". i find unisuper very convenient, switching investment options takes only a few days, fee is about 10aud, and first switching within a year is even free. the charting tools are great to compare different options against each other. however i can only invest my super, would like to know if there is a similar fund taking "real money" out there.. esp important to me is that changing the investment strategie takes only a few days, i dont want to bind my money for halve a year or so, i want a fast exit if required (maybe actually buying a property if it comes along 2019). any recommendations?
  2. TSK

    TSK New Member

    16th Jan, 2019
    I've often wonder if there is a non super org that acts like a good industry fund. Low fees, good returns, offers ethical option