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SRP Question 6 - HELP PLEASE

Discussion in 'Financial Planning Study Group' started by Megs, 17th Oct, 2009.

  1. Megs

    Megs Member

    26th Sep, 2009
    Hi All,

    Yes, I'm one of those... I've left my assignment until the very last minute to complete.

    Was wondering if someone could pls offer some guidance in regards to Question 6 in the Feb 09 Kaplan SRP subject.

    Was wondering whether in order to complete the question a spreadsheet of calcs for each year is required? Can online calcs be used to answer the question properly??

    Unsure exactly what Kaplan are asking for and would hate to submit incorrectly :-S

    Would appreciate any help/guidance!
  2. bowling2020

    bowling2020 Bowling

    18th Jun, 2008
    Sydney, NSW
    Hi there, I just submitted mine and passed a couple of weeks ago. I did the Dec07 though, so not sure if the question is the same.

    Basically what I did was making sure that all the bullet points are covered. This is the biggest question and it'll determine if you will pass or not, so have to spend a bit of time covering all the topics listed in the question. Where applicable, yes it would definitely help to pop the calculation in the table so that it's easier to illustrate. My excel skill is quite poor, so I just put them into tables and explained with 'footnotes' for each calculation I made.

    Failing ELC assignment before, I learnt the lesson that it is crucial that you cover all the questions under the bullet points provided. It's gonna be a bit long (mine was 8 pages just for this question), however, it basically is the summary of the previous questions you have answered before.

    Hope this helps.