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Trading SSN: 10 baggers again?

Discussion in 'Shares' started by wdongli, 19th Sep, 2011.

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    31st Mar, 2010
    In the ruins of GFC, I got SSN at $0.009 and then $0.013, and then after it failed to break $0.10, I sold it to lock the profit at $0.07. After my selling it dropped down a little bit further but turned to go up soon until it reached $0.20.

    I missed a 20 baggers. Bargain hunters have their catches since they usually are afraid to see the dramatic price moving up. They tend to be cut by the falling knifes and also to see the train move forward after they jump down from the board. We all are fearful or greedy when we should.

    This time I read a lot about this new-born SSN and bought it back at $0.11 to rebalance my portfolio after this train was pulled back by the market storm in August. Could not say it would be $1 but it seems highly likely.

    It is my view that SSN is preparing to leave the station again.

    It is on the verge of a commencing a potentially transformational drilling program over two large, liquids rich shale projects and one conventional oil project. Each of the projects has the potential to add >$500m in value for the Company.

    Halliburton Funded Niobrara Well to Spud Imminently

    The Defender US33 #2-29H well is the first of up to two wells to be funded by Halliburton as part of a farm-in agreement. SSN ride on it in free.

    The well location has been chosen carefully based on results from recent 3D seismic, which has identified a high-density cluster of natural fracturing in the area. It will take up to two months to drill, core, complete and fracture stimulate the well.

    Samson has also elected to participate in two wells to be drilled by Chesapeake. These wells will be completed in the Codell Formation, which lies directly beneath the Niobrara Shale. This is different to the Defender well, which will be completed in the Niobrara B horizon.

    Both wells will fracture stimulate the Niobrara Shale and will provide important information on the best zone or possibly provide an additional prospective zone.

    15,000 net acres in its Hawk Springs Project

    It is prospective for liquids rich production from the Niobrara Shale.

    It is conventional Drilling at Forgotten Sweetener. The recent 3D seismic identified several conventional targets that are analogous to producing fields elsewhere in the region. The first of these, Spirit of America US34 #1-29H, will be drilled directly after the Defender well.

    It will test potential of up to 10 million barrels of oil at two different reservoir levels. Any success would have significant follow up potential, which could add >$1b for the Company (in the upside case).

    First Tranche of Roosevelt Closed - Drilling Soon to Follow

    SSN had closed the first tranche of its large Bakken acreage transaction, known as the Roosevelt project. 20,078 acres have been secured that are prospective for oil production from the Bakken formation in Montana.

    Samson has secured the services of Halliburton for the first two wells, which will be drilled back to back post the drilling of the two Hawk Springs wells. These wells will be completed as horizontal multi-stage fracture stimulated wells.

    The great probability for SSN to fly again is discounted by market

    In the market storm all would be discounted. All of excellent news and industrial prospect would be largely Ignored by Risk Averse Market. I am happy I could get it at $0.11 again but didn't dare to bet all on it.

    Samson has recently added two significant projects to its Niobrara potential, being the Roosevelt Bakken Project and the conventional oil project at Hawk Springs. In spite of this additional upside potential, the share price has not moved as the market continues to remain risk averse.

    The upside potential of the Company has increased and now investors have 3 chances at >$500m instead of 1. Crystallisation of this potential will occur through the drilling of up to 6 wells prior to the end of the year, with significant cash on hand post funding.

    However if it could be 10 baggers again while I could not have time to jump down before I sell too early, it would greatly help me to recover the paper profit I burnt between April and June!

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