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Strategic thinking, board, and updating the mind

Discussion in 'Shares' started by wdongli, 11th Dec, 2010.

  1. wdongli

    wdongli Well-Known Member

    31st Mar, 2010
    Most of us, who jumped into stock market in the IT boom, a decade ago, failed to get what we want. In hindsight the reason for the failure of a decade is very simple. We expected easy and quick money too emotionally.

    Tropo highlighted some problems which caused us to be gamblers. Knowing we are the gamblers and try all to be intelligent investors, are different matters. We have got too much inertia to be gamblers and some serious decision have to be made sooner or later. Mr Market doesn't care who we or what we feel. It just simply wipe out all of your money you bet on if you fail.

    Do feel we need some strategic thinking and ideas. Do feel we don't need to invent new wheels. A good business is a machine to calculate the winning probabilities for the risks it takes, strike to get the capable people to do the job for the winning, and resiliently and agilely to mitigate the cost of the risks and operation, and get the new opportunities.

    Put some thought about the strategic thinking, function of the board of a good business, and the necessary to update our minds in wdongli - Member Blogs as stones for some gems.

    Do feel if we could have minds to act as the board of your market playing business, we would win and get good enough financial bases to use external resources. The operations could be delegated out to some capable professionals such as accountants, auditors, brokers, or whoever you would like to pay and could pay!

    Trust me: no any professional could give the money to you but get the payment for their expertise and what you want! You have to get your board, the minds, work first and then you may find some money for the services.