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Superannuation & Retirement Planning 0510!! Really??

Discussion in 'Financial Planning Study Group' started by noble383, 2nd Mar, 2012.

  1. noble383

    noble383 Member

    11th Jan, 2012
    Hi ladies and gents......

    She's a bit of toughie isnt she?!

    Ok so I am tinkering witha few questions at the minute and the one that is really getting the better of me is 3b. I have used the examples in the textbook and I cant even see how they reach the final super at 65 figure!?

    Ok so I have tried to do all the before TTR and after TTR calculations and I have based it on Karen putting virtually all $196,000 into TTR pension, with max 10% ($19,600) income being drawn tax free. Doing the calculation I get her coming out with $0 tax to pay (although I have put a note not including her investment income) so getting $35,000 net income with the TTR strategy, against an income of around $31,025 before TTR.

    I am dubious if that is right??

    Lastly, the really annoying bit is calculating how much she will have in super at 65 when she retires, either before or after TTR strategy??

    Please help!!!!
  2. srcsrc

    srcsrc Member

    6th Dec, 2011
    Brisbane, QLD

    Hi Noble,

    Have you included the social security figures, both before and after TTR is implemented?

    I have completed this question, and am happy to assist.

    Have you completed Question 2 - I am seriously struggling with how to calculate the required capital and the current gap!