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Taaffeite Quantitative Strategies Fund (TQSF)

Discussion in 'Alternative Investments' started by TaaffeiteCM, 25th Nov, 2015.

  1. TaaffeiteCM

    TaaffeiteCM Taaffeite Quantitative St

    25th Nov, 2015
    Hong Kong
    TQSF is a offshore hedge fund that trades proprietary quantitative strategies. The CIO is Professor Desmond Lun, an academic/professor over 15-years at MIT, Harvard and Rutgers.

    We would like to talk to investment advisers/financial planners who are interested in high-growth alternative funds/products.

    The strategy buys a portfolio of global markets (equities, fixed income and commodities) and rebalances the portfolio continuously as markets fluctuate. The result is a conservative strategy that targets 30% pa CAGR.

    USA has several successful quantitative hedge funds like Renaissance Technologies, Citadel, DE Shaw, Two Sigma, etc. however quantitative strategies are relatively new in Australia. We think there is a big opportunity for quantitative strategies in Australia, and Desmond can discuss their significant risk-adjusted advantage over other investment strategies.

    Do you think the Australian market (particularly clients of financial planners) are open to the advantages of quantitative funds?