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TDP Insurance - MLC

Discussion in 'Superannuation, SMSF & Personal Insurance' started by Iggy_Pop, 17th Oct, 2013.

  1. Iggy_Pop

    Iggy_Pop New Member

    4th May, 2009
    Rockhampton,Q LD
    My partner and I both have TDP insurance which would assist us if things went wrong. My partner was with MLC. Well unfortunately, a work injury resulted in her not being able to continue employment in her profession. We have found out that Workcover is a joke and expect to get nothing from that process. Workcover seem to get some dodgy specialist in to get you out of the system. My partner has a back injury, and after some support was pushed out by one of the dodgy specialist employed by Workcover. We employed a lawyer to assist in what we thought was a true claim, the the work cover appeal chose to go with the Work Cover specialist and not our Lawyer and specialist. Our next option was to go to Fair Work Australia at a cost of approx 35K with a high chance of winning but most likely ending up with a payout less than 35K.

    In the mean time thought we would claim on the MLC policy. The story wasn't as bad but after much time and visting specialist, MLC agree it was a valid claim. But we got short changed, as MLC decided they will choose the date and as we had a reducing policy the payout was reduced by 30%. We already had a lawyer engaged to sort out the TDP insurance, but MLC are difficult to deal with. We will most likely have to go the the Financial Ombudsmen to get a resolution. I suspect there is a time period MLC are trying to delay to as while we put the forms in early, it is going on three years.

    So just because you are covered by work cover and TDP insurance, a work injury does not mean you will get any support. The people who make the money are the specialist
    and Lawyers. I have found the lawyers to be very good, but they cost, but without them, you will struggle.

    Not sure the answer but being able to claim anything will require highly paid specialists and lawyers, and still does not mean a thing.

    Would not recommend MLC but think you will find they all love you when you are paying premiums but will not talk to you if you try to claim.:mad:
  2. Andrew Newman

    Andrew Newman Well-Known Member

    5th Nov, 2008
    Hi Iggy_Pop

    Unfortunately many Australian's don't have all 4 personal insurances including Life, TPD, Trauma and Income Protection, and even if they have all 4 many don't have adequate levels of insurance.

    Given what has happened to your partner, do you have adequate levels of insurance?

    Kind Regards