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The Australian 2006 year book to download

Discussion in 'Investor Resources & Tools' started by Coffee, 5th Feb, 2006.

  1. Coffee

    Coffee Member

    17th Sep, 2005
    Came across this a few day ago,

    The Year Book Australia 2006 provides a comprehensive and definitive source of facts about Australia. The Year Book has 30 chapters which cover Australia's economic position and social conditions, as well as articles about our climate and environment.You will have easy access to information which is relevant, reliable and up-to-date.[email protected]/DetailsPage/1301.02006?OpenDocument

    Free link Above to download 28 megs & 800 pages, or you can buy the mag & cd for $93.00.

    Right click & save as on the (download now) after opening the above link, it's comes as a PDF file also.