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The fusty

Discussion in 'General Investing Discussion' started by beatsbydre, 14th Apr, 2011.

  1. beatsbydre

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    14th Apr, 2011
    The fusty[FONT= ][/FONT]
    The fusty old carpet was gone, and a clean crumbcloth had been put down, with a comfortable rug before the fireplace. A nosegay of Tory Burch Sale jessamine stood on the chimney, and at each corner of the fourpost bed the absurd young decorator had stuck a smart bow, made out of some of her own blue ribbons, in place of the terrible plumes and tassels which had waved" there in dust and darkness before. One of the two armchairs which blocked up the wall of the diningroom had been also covered out of some of Belinda's stores, andstood comfortably near the open window. The sun was setting over the great common outside, behind the mill and the distant fringe of elmtrees. Martha, standing all Illuminated by the sunshine, with her mop in her hand, was grinning from ear to ear. and Belle turned and rushed into her fathers arms. But Mr. Barly was quite overcome. " My child," he said, " why do you trouble yourself so much for me ? Your sister has told me all. I don t deserve it. I cannot bear that you should be brought to this. My Belle working and slaving with your own hands through my taultthrough my fault." The old man sat down on the side of the bed by which he had been standing, and laid his face in his hands, in a perfect agony of remorse and regret. Belinda was dismayed by the result of her labours. In vain she tried to cheer him and comfort him. tory burch flip flops The sweeter she seemed in his eyes, the more miserable the poor father grew at the condition to which he tory burch boots had brought her.For many days after he went about in a sort of despair, thinking what he could do to retrieve his ruined tory burch reva fortunes; and if Belinda still rose Tory Burch shoes sale betimes to see to his comfort and the better ordering of the contused little household, she took care not to let it be known. Anna came down at nine, Fanny at ten. Anna would then spend several hours regretting her former dignities, reading the newspaper and the fashionable intelligence, while the dismal strains ot Fanny s piano there was a jangling piano in the little drawingroom. streamed across the common.