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The prevalence of green buildings

Discussion in 'Real Estate' started by jacko12, 21st Sep, 2010.

  1. jacko12

    jacko12 New Member

    21st Sep, 2010
    The green buildings are being more and more prevalent overall the world. Though the emergence and the implementation was done by Washington DC, today the same has been widely accepted in different cities and even it is extending its roots to many urban areas as well. The villages in many under developed and developing countries are still maintaining the same strategy in the building of the new houses even. Beyond the beauty it was the saneness behind the concept which has led more and more people to get attracted towards the building of the same. It is also true that the concept has evoked the hidden inclination of human beings towards the nature as well.

    There is no wonder as for the Green Building Washington DC took the initiative first. Washington DC is a well maintained city and is one of the prime health conscious cities too. The traffic and the crowd are also under control and as such the pollution too. Thus to maintain the same healthy atmosphere and to improve the physical and mental well being of the inhabitants to a step ahead, the green buildings took up the stage. The green buildings thus have a good drainage concept as the waste water from the homes is redirected for the use of the same, for watering the plants and other vegetation. Thus what we gather from the nature gets returned to nature itself.

    The cast-off materials are used on large scale in one way or the other, constituting the essential materials or the building blocks of a green home. Those materials which are hazardous in any way to the inhabitants are deliberately avoided. The houses thus remain close to the nature and the remodeling of the same also maintains this strategy. The obvious pollution during the construction also gets avoided. The green homes are thus proving to be a healthy dwelling to the whole mankind in all respects and thus the popularity.