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The previous agent hold my bill on purpose

Discussion in 'Real Estate' started by RAIN, 1st Jul, 2016.

  1. RAIN

    RAIN New Member

    1st Jul, 2016
    Hi all

    After 3 years unpleasant experience with TPM Management Company I and my partner decided to change the agent. At the time I had sent a complaint letter to Office of Fair Trading as the agent didn't look after our property. That includes leaving the tenants staying in our property with a broken down dishwasher, oven and a dirty pool. I had tried to contact TPM however no one replied my email ( I realised that they change property managers frequently so no one would care the email).

    When my new agent told me that the tenants are asking for compensation then I had to agree just because TPM ignored the tenants request. Few months later, I thought I got rid of those bad experience, just now, I got a letter from TPM and received a "FINAL NOTICE" of water bill issued out on 11/06/2016. I saw the stamps on top of the letter from TPM "23/06/2016". Can anyone tell me what can I do? I definitely ring up tomorrow and ask for the first letter however I just need to tell everyone DON'T TRY TPM they sucks!!!!:mad:
  2. Terryw

    Terryw Well-Known Member

    9th Jun, 2006
    I don't understand. Why are they sending you a water bill?