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Thiel Launches Growth-Stage VC Firm

Discussion in 'Managed Funds & Index Funds' started by Tropo, 21st Jun, 2012.

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    17th Aug, 2005
    "Clarium, Thiel’s hedge fund, has lost over 90% of its assets since peaking at over $7 billion in mid-2008.
    In 2011, it announced it would shift its investment focus to private tech companies."

    Thiel Launches Growth-Stage VC Firm | FINalternatives

    "Recent performance 2008-2010

    Clarium was down 4.5% in 2008,[10] down 25% in 2009,[11] and down 23% in 2010.[4] For the first half of 2008, the fund had a YTD return of 57.9%.[12] At the start of 2008, the fund had $4 billion in assets under management,[7] raised to $7.8 billion in June 2008, then dropped to $1.5 billion in July 2009, after investors withdrew money from the fund.[13]
    The fund lost most of its value in 2008 due to large bets against the US dollar, in the hopes that it would drop in value.
    The fund subsequently lost 13% in August 2008 and it lost 18% in October 2008. Although the fund eventually recovered, with losses of only 4.5% for 2008 compared to the average of 20% for other hedge funds, most investors had already pulled out their investments.
    Subsequent down years have reduced the fund’s assets under management to $681M as of December 2010.[4] Clarium Capital Management was reported to have had big losses in 2010.[14]
    The firm has continued to struggle with bets that it made on inflation and the US dollar.[7]

    Clarium Capital - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia