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This is great

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by scarboroughwa, 31st Mar, 2012.

  1. scarboroughwa

    scarboroughwa New Member

    31st Mar, 2012
    It's not easy to find people to discuss this kind of thing with without boring the pants off everyone.

    I look forward to spending a bit of time on here.

    I'm mid 40s and I have been interested in investing for about 10 years. However, it's only been over the past 12 months that I've acted on some of the knowledge gained.

    I am interested in purchasing shares in interesting, emerging companies.

    I have just commenced with my SMSF and considering the options for investment.

    I have an interest in purchasing domain names for development in to business interests. I am about to embark on the first of these.

    I am also interested in Structures.

    Please feel free to talk.