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Topcroppers here too...!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by topcropper, 15th Jul, 2007.

  1. topcropper

    topcropper New Member

    10th Jun, 2006
    rural NSW
    Howdy everyone.

    I see a lot of Somersofters joining in lately. I joined up here ages ago, and used to pop in for a lurk one or twice a month. I find the discusion getting interesting in here so decided to make my first post.

    Everyone on somersoft would know me, but for the others, I'm a grain grower, have three kids, nearly fourty, and am into rural land and shares. Have done well from both. I am interested in big issues like oil, resources, global warming.

    See ya's.
  2. Brengun

    Brengun Active Member

    13th Jul, 2007
    Lowood, Qld
    Welcome TC

    Hi and welcome TC.
    We can talk about shares here till the cows come home. :D
  3. Bantam Roosta

    Bantam Roosta Well-Known Member

    7th Feb, 2007
    Canberra, ACT
    Welcome TC. Good to see you over here and more than happy to hear your views when you have them.

  4. Nigel Ward

    Nigel Ward Team InvestEd

    10th Jun, 2005
    Welcome on board TC!

    Would love to hear your views on the above issues...(what a can of worms to open...).

    I'm certainly not in the "chicken little" camp or a raving greenie but it seems to me that the industrialisation of China and India are once in a millenium events. Events that will forever change the face of the planet.

    To pick just one example, if we look at just the number of cars that are predicted to be built for China in the next 20 years (I've seen figures of 100m+) it seems to me that some pretty drastic action is going to be required on the environmental front to offset the pollution from building and driving those vehicles.

    Full electrification (which is supposed to be one of the keys to raising people above subsistence level existence) is going to mean a huge number of largely coal fired power stations being built.

    Of course out of all that there's incredible opportunity too...for example commodity prices (including farmed products as you're probably happily aware) are supposed to be due for a permanent increase as I understand it...

    but enough of my rambling...I'd love to hear yours and others' views about how to make a buck out of it all...and hopefully save the planet too :rolleyes: