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TPD Claim with Australin Super

Discussion in 'Superannuation, SMSF & Personal Insurance' started by Mat79, 27th Jun, 2014.

  1. Mat79

    Mat79 New Member

    27th Jun, 2014
    Hello. I made a TPD claim 20/12/2011 with Australian Super because I injured at work in April 2010 and since then I was unable to work due my back injury , left shoulder ,depression and anxiety. Two months ago I received letter from my solicitor that the decision has been made and the insurer send all information to the trustee for review and I have to wait at least two - three months to advise us of the decision. Can somebody tell me if that's normal process for TPD claims?
    I mean I have been waiting for 30 months and still didn't receive the answer which they made and I never heard that somebody waited this long.
    Did someone heard this long waiting period for TPD claim and what was the outcome?
    I injured in April and I had TPD three covers but from May that three TPD covers increased to six and also my TPD cover increased for more money as well but I did make a claim in 2011 so can somebody tell me if I get that TPD, will I get the increased amount of money or I will get the one which I was insured when I injured?
    Thank you