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TPD - Degenerative Muscular Atrophy

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by missymoo, 16th Mar, 2013.

  1. missymoo

    missymoo New Member

    16th Mar, 2013
    I am wondering when to make a claim or even if I can make a claim.
    I thought I was just getting old and useless but 3 years ago my doctor looked at my legs and sent me to a neurologist who said i have CMT, its not a really bad disease, its not going to kill me just make me more uncoordinated and progressively weaker mainly in my hands, wrists, feet and ankles which i really need because my husband and i are sharefarmers, which is a good thing cause no one else would employ me on a farm they way i am. I have always been clumsy. Its a slow disease but I have definitely gotten worse in the last year. I can work ok with painkillers for my feet, but not 100% safely because im having difficulty judging where my hands and feet are, hard to describe, i miss steps and go to grab things and miss them too. The cows are stomping on my hands more and more because i am too slow to react and im falling over a fair bit.
    I am starting to feel like a burden sometimes because my husband and kids end up doing things for me cause they can see how hard it is for me. I'm going to the neurologist in July so i will see what he says too.
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