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Trading Trading as a Trust

Discussion in 'Shares' started by jms, 5th Jan, 2008.

  1. jms

    jms Member

    3rd Jan, 2008
    Seven Hills NSW
    Anyone here uses a trust to investment in shares and trade in shares and options ?


    Do you trade as the trustee ( in my case, the trustee will be myself instead of a corporate trustee ) ? Meaning that the broker trading account is in the name of the trustee ( which again in my case is me, what should the account name be ? "Joe Bloggs as trustee for XYZ trust" ?

    However, the shares / options are owned by XYZ trust via "Joe Bloggs as trustee"?

    Do you need separate broker trading accounts for shares, options, warrants, bonds ?

    Basically, I want to setup the structure correctly first and know what / how to buy / sell as the trust / trustee.