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Trust Assessment Codes & Distribution Minutes

Discussion in 'Accounting, Tax & Legal' started by GT88, 1st Aug, 2010.

  1. GT88

    GT88 New Member

    1st Aug, 2010

    Just need some clarification on both items.

    Firstly here is a list of all assessment codes: Trust tax return instructions 2010

    I may be incorrect, but this is my understanding of what codes will be used if the beneficiary is a resident:
    • 27 - Minors
    • 27 - Individual taxpayer
    • 34 - Company
    • Another Discretionary / Unit Trust??

    In regards to my second question, when preparing a trust distribution minute, am I correct in saying you need to determine whether the deed defines income as either being 'Accounting Income' or 'Tax Income' as per this document - Trust Distributions after Bamford.

    Also, whether if the deed defines income as accounting or tax, in terms of tax returns, do you distribute rounding to the nearest hundred for minors and nearest thousand for all other beneficiaries, with the last beneficiary on the minute stating the balance to avoid any amended assessment resulting in a 46.5% tax.

    For example, trust has net profit of $8543. Distribution minute will be as follows:
    • Beneficiary A (Minor) - $3000 (Given minor's don't lodge if income is less than $3001 for 2010)
    • Beneficiary B - $4000
    • Beneficiary C - The Balance

    Any clarification on the above is greatly appreciated.