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Vacant land and utilities

Discussion in 'Real Estate' started by grainza, 28th May, 2010.

  1. grainza

    grainza New Member

    28th May, 2010
    franston vic
    I dont know if this is the right place to post this or not but i am looking into buying vacant land to build a house on. I am wondering where exactly do i look to get an estimate on how much it would be to have gas, electricity and water etc connected as they are accessible but not connected or if anyone is able to give me a rough estimate from personal experience. The property is located in langwarrin south, Victoria if that helps at all. Many thanks in advance
  2. Billv

    Billv Getting there

    15th Jul, 2007
    Sydney, NSW
    The cost will vary depending on who you use and the distance from the connection point.

    Standard water connection - single pre-tapped property - meter installation fee starts at $300
    Standard wastewater connection - single residence with sewer point starts at $150

    For electricity you use an electrical contractor, you book a truck of the electricitity provider and the inspector so all up will be around $800-1000.

    It could be that they have a more simplified process in some areas. In Sydney for example, we only need to get a licenced contractor and he does everything but the cost will be similar to above including the meters.

    I hope this helps