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What are my chances for a successful TPD claim

Discussion in 'Superannuation, SMSF & Personal Insurance' started by curious12, 4th Feb, 2013.

  1. curious12

    curious12 Jyc12

    3rd Feb, 2013
    I have applied for TPD after being unable to work in my professional capacity in a health care job since April 2012 until now. I first applied for income protection and was successful, which I am receiving now through my superannuation fund. I have suffered from depression since the early '90s, which was later changed to bipolar disorder in the late 90's and my illness has worsened and changed to schizo affective disorder prior to my inability to sustain my employment in April last year. My doctor has given me a poor prognosis to my ability to return to my job that I was trained for. My GP however, was supportive, but not to the same extent as my psychiatrist as he has not totally able to certify me as being unable to ever work. I think personally I have a periodic psychotic experiences which make it difficult for me to hold down a job though to me they seem real, not psychotic as my psychiatrist and psychologist have labeled me. My psychologist still wants to work with me to be rehabilitate, but because of my illness and length of disorder I have little hope. My illness is well documented and spans three continents I have lived in, though I was relatively functioning reasonably up to a year before my total incapacity. My main symptoms, including psychotic experiences, I have recurrent periods of high and low mood as well, with brief stable periods, but my IQ is generally ok, though it has declined due to long periods of medication.

    My question is, I know cases involving mental illness for TPD are hard to win, given the above, what are my chances?. I have submitted my claim in October last year, and so far they sent me to an independent psychiatric doctor, and they are awaiting my gps clinical notes and also some Medicare documents, before making a decision. My worry is if they don't accept for any reason, will I be able to handle it given my current poor response to stress and low mood.