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What does a financial planner do daily?

Discussion in 'Financial Planning' started by Matt18, 2nd Jan, 2013.

  1. Matt18

    Matt18 New Member

    2nd Jan, 2013
    Ballarat, Vic

    I'm interested in becoming a financial planner, but I'd like to hear about what you actually do from day to day on the job? I currently have a degree in another field and I want to make sure I understand and will enjoy the day to day tasks before making a change.

    The idea I have in my head is you're working with people discussing their needs and developing an individualised financial plan for them. There would be a mix of paperwork and client liaison.

    Thank you
  2. bolivia

    bolivia Member

    4th Dec, 2010
    Think you nailed it on the head with your description more or less. I'm halfway through the degree now part time but if you have a dip in financial services you can get the ball rolling.

    What I love about the job is everyday is different. Some days you will be in front of clients, other days dealing with paperwork, dealing with insurance/investment companies, making sure the process is compliant yet understandable for the client you are dealing with. Most off all making sure the client is happy, which is harder than it sounds. Its a juggle but if you like a combination of paperwork, computer work and client interaction than you will like the role.

    In saying that if you don't get given a book of clients when you start than the client interaction will have to outweigh the computer work and paperwork as without the client there is no paperwork or computer work.

    In saying this it also depends what way you decide to go, banks or private practices. There can be big differences between the 2 at times.
  3. TDFawaz

    TDFawaz Tony

    1st Jul, 2010
    Brisbane, QLD
    Sounds Interesting

    Not sure I would be able to do all the training though, would get too bored