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Trading What if DOW sheds another 300 again?

Discussion in 'Shares' started by wdongli, 12th Sep, 2011.

  1. wdongli

    wdongli Well-Known Member

    31st Mar, 2010
    DOW shed more than 300 points. XAO sheds 140 points now.

    So what would be DOW tonight and what would happen in Europe? Could market make another hit on the heads of dumb warriors who have been in depressed mood for a month? Could DOW would shed another 300s again and again until all of market could believe the sky would be gone forever?

    No hope at all, isn't it? Where is the bullish trend when the market keeps to beat the people to let them jump into the hell? Wall Street is full of bloods again but seems not enough. Why could it not drop down to another historical lowest level? Why doesn't it do so at the speed in days or weeks? If you let your fears get the wings it would give you the freedom to the hell! Nowhere you can go if the hell is your destination!

    I believe if in a year we could not be collectively into the hell, the sky should be safe for next 3 or 4 years. If it is true there are chances you could run under the rising Sun. The problem is what you do, what your margin of safety, and what you cash reserve. Market could be far less than anyone's expectation in short term and you could be completely wrong.

    Couldn't see the future very clearly and be fearful as anyone else too. What if XAO drops down to 1000? It scares me very much. What if XAO drops down to 0? Yes why not if everyone wants to be so! However in my deep subconscious layers a voice say it is unlikely and quite unlikely and it urges me to use big enough drops to lower the cost of my portfolio. It told me if I could lower my cost to the lowest level in this market free dropping down $10,000 buying could get the profitable effect as $100,000 in the peak time such as the time of July 2008 in XAO.

    I am still in wonder but feel better to image DOW and XAO drops down again and again! 90% of market warriors have lost some or all of their capital. So if another 10% lose their shirts in the coming weeks or months we would have a very fair and equal great societies in the ruins of the collapsed modern capitalism without the cruel Communism revolution!

    If everyone is equal poor no worries mate! It just give everyone a chance to start a new life if the sky is there then! With this worst case in mind, I would buy if the dip is too much without matter what happen to the sky!

    Really hope BHP could drop down to $10! I like the swans very much too but just always worry the swans turn to be dogs as BSL shows. If it is true I would sell all of my portfolio to bet on BHP and proudly declare I am a true value investor!
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