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Trading When taxi drivers tell your their pains...

Discussion in 'Shares' started by wdongli, 27th Nov, 2011.

  1. wdongli

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    31st Mar, 2010
    No too many traders or market players feel happy now. How many traders were not happy in 2002? Much more less than now! How many traders were not happy in the GFC crash? Much more less than now too!

    After two big tsunamis hit all of traders between 2000-2008, the guts of traders, especially the retail traders, have been broken rather than just crunched. The traders like the naughty boys feel fearful to do anything after they were beaten again and again.

    They don't just lose the passions to make money. They start to feel hopeless in the market. "Buying the rumors and selling the fact" is what some of them believe. The problem is that no any rumors are good and then traders start to sell on any fact, good or bad.

    I went to airport to see one of my friends off. In a taxi, I talked about the market with the driver. He was very pessimism about this world, EU, China, and WA resources. He thought it was a gamble matter to play in the stock market. I never use this kind of talking as a way to sense the bottom but I did feel the bottom should be there.

    Human is a emotional animal. When we are happy, we would have less problems than those we would have. When we are desperate, we would have more problems that those we would have. Good news is that if we become too desperate, we tend to find the breakthrough points since we really could not sustain the pains for too long.

    EU, China, and US have worried the whole world market for quite long. Now it is not a matter how bad the world market would be but how long it would be in uncertainty. The doomsayers have become tired among the retail traders and then no any trader really have the motivation for their profit by crying any longer!

    So generally the traders act as below

    1. build last defensive line for themselves
    2. sell on fire to close the trading account
    3. forget what happen in the market and then forget the pains.
    4. few trade dollars for pinnies and lose more dollars.

    and very few buy the qualities when the Wall Street is full of bloods for holding forever even they could sell very soon if the market becomes euphoric sooner than later.

    So where is the future? Old generations of warriors would be gone with full of cuts in their bodies and new generations want to make their own magics in the market. I do hope I could grip on the chances available to the new generations with my knowledge, experiences, and lessons.

    Dogs have dogs' day and could you be in the market when the days are yours? At moment it is not my days. I don't want to die in the contrition war but work along the way and wait for my chances.

    What do the chances mean? You have to wait patiently! Why do you cry day traders with the rumors and facts? You want some great things too quickly even it is not your turn and your turn needs the time!

    By the way, if BKP is a great black swan, it would take years to let the market know! Unfortunately we want the money and quick money only in the market! In Chinese it is said "big money never comes to a quick hand, except that the quick hand is extremely lucks!"
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