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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by stark, 25th Aug, 2017.

  1. stark

    stark New Member

    24th Aug, 2017
    I have been reading about LICs for now. If I had a spare 10k to invest in LICs right now, which ones should I consider? Just looking at opinions to see if I am on right track.
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  2. twisted strategies

    twisted strategies Well-Known Member

    3rd Nov, 2013
    ( imo) a bad time to be putting cash into the market ( if looking for long term gain )

    but since this is theory ..( not real money at this stage )

    IBC ( i hold ) sub 50c ( preferred price ) the logic .. a boring LIC but also holds hybrid debt ( liable to benefit when interest rates rise ) has a DRP which is often suspended ( as it is currently )

    MLT ( i do NOT hold ) much closer to $4 preferred , (several directors have skin in the game )

    a lower SP than ARG or AFI (giving batter bang for your buck ) not that the rivals are inferior .

    i would have put BKI ( i hold ) in this spot but they are messing with the formula ( i would rather see what happens next before suggesting ).

    CIE ( i hold ) still ( mostly) top 200 stocks with a little extra risk taken to help growth ( i DRP these )

    CBC ( i do NOT hold these ) has been uninspiring to date ( the extra risks taken haven't been rewarded ) but we are looking to the future and $10K doesn't stretch far ....

    CAM ( i hold , just outside of a top ten holding ) , dabbles in hybrids ( income protection ) international shares and some trend trading ( and the boring stocks ) , is trying to generate extra income in testing times ( this is NOT all about SP increases )

    i bought as a boring ARG substitute ( which it isn't currently ) but i can see the logic in the changes made . ( CAM has a DRP scheme , in which i don't participate ) is willing to change with the wind better than 'sit and grit your teeth '?

    please note your $10K is a relevant criteria in my selections

    cheers and good luck